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Ben Parker, Managing Director


A digital whiteboard is an electronic version of a dry erase board. The board is white, like a traditional whiteboard, but it can be used to display images from electronic sources, such as computers. Users can also utilize it like a regular whiteboard, writing on it directly with dry erase markers or specialized styluses.

In classrooms, a digital whiteboard can be a powerful tool. Both teachers and students can use the device, and teachers can save previous whiteboards to evaluate students, identify areas in which the class needs work, or to show parents what they are doing in class. Students may also custom configure the whiteboard for presentations. For example, a student talking about the water cycle could preload images in the computer, and bring them up on the digital whiteboard as needed while also interacting with them to keep other students engaged.

Ben Parker has over 9 years of experience in supply, installation and training of Smart and Promethean whiteboards.

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