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What Clients Say

"Parkertron provided a first rate service and I.T. consultancy"

Ben Parker, Managing Director


Parkertron can offer you a complete package in terms of designing and developing your website. Whether you have an existing website which needs modernising to meet the competitive market or need a new website to promote your business further, we can help. We listen to each of our clients and take their ideas on board and try to recreate them. Throughout the process we advise our customers on the best course of action and implement the best technology to suit their needs. We do not simply use predefined templates like some other companies do, but we do provide a customised solution which in the long run will be easier to use and cost effective for the future. Our standard web design package includes:

  • Logo Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Page Layout Design
  • Content Management Panel
  • Best technology for your site, including HTML, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, PHP
  • Dynamic Forms
  • Compatibility and Accessibility Testing

Each project goes through the same development process which involves working closely with our clients at each stage to make sure we are matching their requirements. Along with the design and development we also provide the appropriate training to ensure that you understand how to use your website in the future.

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